Andrew Young Reflects On His Remarkable Career And Life

Dec 28, 2017

With New Year's right around the corner, we're re-airing our conversation with Ambassador Andrew Young in the spirit of self-reinvention. We hope that Young, a man who has been working on himself for his entire life, will inspire you as you write your New Year's resolutions. 

This conversation was recorded last May in front of a live audience at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

Andrew Young and Bill Nigut at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library May 25, 2016.
Credit Linda Chen/GPB

Young has had a remarkable career as a preacher, Civil Rights leader, a Congressman, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and Mayor of Atlanta. But who was he before all of these accomplishments? And how did he grow into the luminary he is today?

On this episode of "Two Way Street," Young tells that story: how he went from being a Howard University graduate with a Biology degree to a minister--and of course--one of Martin Luther King's closest advisors.