Amendment 1: How Will You Cast Your Vote?

Oct 28, 2016

Georgia voters will decide on November 8 whether the state can take over failing schools. Amendment 1 is a plan by Republican Governor Nathan Deal, in which an appointed superintendent accountable to the governor could add up to 20 low performing schools to an opportunity school district each year and either convert them into charter schools, overhaul management or close them.

The majority of schools that could be taken over are in high-poverty areas with minority students.

So, how will you vote on Amendment 1? 

Atlanta attorney Glen Delk has been urging greater school choice in Georgia for 25 years. He supports Amendment 1.

Tyler Barr heads up the Georgia PTA Association, a group that represents a quarter million Georgia parents. They do not support Amendment 1.  

Listen to our studio conversation below and then cast your vote.