Alyssa Milano, Local Entertainment Workers Protest Georgia Abortion Bill

Apr 2, 2019

On the final day of the legislative session, actress Alyssa Milano and several local film and television workers held a press conference in opposition to a bill that would effectively end abortion in Georgia around 6 weeks into pregnancy.

Last Friday, the House narrowly sent HB 481 to Gov. Brian Kemp’s desk after it garnered one vote more than needed to pass.

The controversial measure would outlaw most abortions once a doctor detects a heartbeat around six weeks into pregnancy, and establish fetal personhood.

After delivering a letter to Kemp’s office, Milano read the letter to a crowd of onlookers in the state Capitol.

“We've been glad to bring billions of dollars in revenue to support charter schools, parks and communities,” Milano said, listing benefits the entertainment industry brings to the state. “But we cannot, in good conscience continue to recommend our industry remain in Georgia if HB 481 becomes a law.”

Phoebe Brown, a Georgia resident who owns a prop rental house, said if the industry left the state she’d be out of business.

“If there’s no productions to rent to, we can’t survive,” she said. “We have a 15,000 square foot warehouse that we pay rent to a Georgia landlord for, and the overhead alone… we just wouldn’t be able to make it.”

Christy Foreman from Nahunta, Georgia, was at the Capitol as well.

She said that Milano’s stance does not represent all women, especially in the state of Georgia.

"She's coming here to voice her opinion and voice Hollywood's opinion, well that’s OK,” she said. “Go somewhere else, that's fine… we'll keep our morals, you can take Hollywood somewhere else.”

Gov. Kemp is expected to sign the measure after the session ends, but the exact timing is unknown.