The AIDS Epidemic In Atlanta, The NYSE, and The World Cup Final

Jul 12, 2014

In Atlanta's Core, The AIDS Epidemic Is Skyrocketing. Today, thanks to new medications, HIV infections and AIDS are no longer the death sentence they once were. That may be the reason AIDS has fallen out of the media spotlight. But that doesn’t mean the virus has gone away.

In Atlanta, HIV infection in some neighborhoods is skyrocketing, nearing the same level as some African nations.

The New York Stock Exchange And The Atlanta Dream: All In A Day’s Work For Jeff Sprecher And Kelly Loeffler

The Dow broke the 17,000 mark for the first time ever this month. There wasn’t just a celebration on Wall Street. There was also great joy in Atlanta at the headquarters of the IntercontinentalExchange. ICE, led by CEO Jeff Sprecher, is the new owner of the New York Stock Exchange. He and his wife sat down with host Bill Nigut to talk about their lives as one of Atlanta’s high profile financial couples.

Major League Baseball Or The World Cup Final: Is There Really A Choice?
There are two kinds of people in Georgia-- those who spent the afternoon of July 13 watching the Atlanta Braves play the Chicago Cubs in the confines of Chicago’s Wrigley field. And those watched Argentina and Germany play the World Cup Championship match.
The World Cup is over, but soccer madness in Atlanta isn’t going away anytime soon.

Dr. Patrick Sullivan: epidemiologist at Emory University who has been one of the leaders in gathering data revealing the widespread rates of HIV infection in Atlanta and around the country.
Nina Smith Bankhead: Vice President of Research and Education at AID Atlanta
Alicia Philipp: President of the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta