Afua Richardson On World Of Wakanda, DragonCon And 'RUN'

Aug 29, 2018

Afua Richardson is an artist, musician, and performer who will be attending DragonCon in Atlanta this week.

She's one of the artists behind the World of Wakanda comic book series.


Afua is also working on a graphic novel that details the early life and work of civil rights icon and U.S. Representative John Lewis of Atlanta, titled 'RUN.'



GPB's Leah Fleming sat down with Afua before her appearance at DragonCon.



Afua Richardson [left] and Leah Fleming [right] pose with an early version of 'RUN', the illustrated story of John Lewis.

They discuss the cultural impact of Black Panther, Afua's turbulent early life, and the difficulty of illustrating civil rights heroes.