Active Shooter Training | Making Of Modern Atlanta | Corazon De Dixie

Jan 7, 2016

Police departments across the country are asking a very important question: “What more can be done to prevent mass shootings?” Some jurisdictions have started training residents on best practices, which include fighting back if they’re in that situation. That’s part of a seminar on Thursday that Jefferson Police Chief Joe Wirthman is hosting in Jefferson, Georgia. Host Celeste Headlee talks with him about what the training entails, and she asks Stetson University psychology professor Chris Ferguson about the role human behavior plays in our ability to learn these survival techniques. Andrew Young legacy is recorded in history books as a Civil Rights activist, a U.S. congressman, and a United Nations ambassador. But he also left a strong legacy in the city of Atlanta, where he served as mayor from 1982 to 1989. The documentary “Making of Modern Atlanta” explores how the city transformed under his leadership and the leadership of other Atlanta mayors. Host Celeste Headlee speaks with Andrew Young’s daughter, Andrea Young, executive producer of the film, about her father’s legacy in Atlanta. Plus, Alice Dunnigan made history as the first African-American woman to cover the White House and the first to get a White House press credential. Her memoir “A Black Woman’s Experience” was reissued by UGA press and given a new title – “Alone Atop the Hill.” Host Celeste Headlee looks back on her interview about Dunnigan’s legacy with the book’s editor Carol Booker. And when we talk about the Jim Crow South, we often hear about segregation between blacks and whites, but racial tension had a broad effect on everyone in the region. University of Oregon history professor Julie Weise tracks the mass migration of Latinos and Mexicans to the South and what they faced when they got here. Host Celeste Headlee talks with her and Tift County resident Javier Gonzalez, who is a descendent of some of those early migrants.