Abrams, Kemp Give Business Leaders Different Visions Of Georgia's Future

Aug 21, 2018

How do you build an economy? From the top down or the ground up?

The major party candidates to be Georgia’s next governor offered their answers those questions at the annual Georgia Chamber of Commerce Luncheon in Macon Tuesday.

In her speech before the Chamber, Democrat Stacey Abrams floated ideas like a $10 million state fund for small business investment, money to be spent on wraparound services in public schools and Medicaid expansion as ideas for building economic capacity from the ground up. She called Medicaid expansion a bipartisan issue.

“If Mike Pence of Indiana and Jerry Brown of California can agree to Medicaid expansion, Georgia needs to get on board,” she said to applause at the back of the cavernous Macon Convention Center.

Republican Brian Kemp dismissed Medicaid expansion as throwing good money after bad and he promised to slash state business regulations. More than once in his speech, Kemp pledged to keep Georgia on the path set by the present governor.

“Gov. Deal has laid the groundwork,” Kemp said. “He has poured the concrete, hammered the nails and I’m going to keep building.”

Georgians have until the Oct. 9 to register to vote in the Nov. 8 election.