50 Foot Film Festival Showcases Homegrown Horror, Sci-Fi Filmmaking

Oct 29, 2018

The 50 Foot Film Festival showcases horror, science fiction and suspense films by Georgia filmmakers. It returns to Atlanta for one night only at the Plaza Theatre on Tuesday.


We spoke with Debbie Hess, the festival organizer, and Vashmere Valentine, director of the fantasy film "The Wish & The Wisp," which will be shown at the festival.


Valentine's film deals with two siblings whose wish is intercepted by a humanoid monster. Other films at the festival include "Living Nightmare," a reimagining of three actual nightmares; "Mr. Smiles," a story where characters from a children's book come to life in horrifying fashion; and "Feast," a suspenseful tale of social climbing and business dinner parties.


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