40 Years After 'Rabbit Incident' Jimmy Carter Bags Turkey

Apr 25, 2019

Those who remember the 39th presidency may remember an incident with a rabbit and former President Jimmy Carter that happened 40 years ago.

On April 15, the 94-year-old and oldest living former president "bagged a turkey" in Columbus, Tyler Jordan posted on Instagram.

Carter and the family behind a Georgia camouflage supply store recently went turkey hunting, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

This isn't the first time that the 39th president has gone turkey hunting with the Jordan family, which founded the company Realtree. A 2017 photo shows Carter and the family smiling and posing over one of their kills.

Carter has written 29 books, some of which discuss his love of hunting and fishing. He was inducted into the Georgia Hunting and Fishing Hall of Fame in 2016, just a year after he beat cancer. He became the oldest living president last month.