25 Years After The Rwandan Genocide, Survivors Share Their Stories In Atlanta

Apr 4, 2019

25 years ago, in April of 1994, the country of Rwanda was embroiled in a genocide.

Led by the Hutu majority government, an estimated 800,000 members of the Tutsi ethnic group were murdered.



Tharcisse Seminega, a professor at the National University of Rwanda and one of Jehovah's Witnesses, wasn’t part of any political rebellion or movement.  

Yet, he was still marked for death simply because he was Tutsi.

But just when death seemed certain, Seminega and his family were saved by other members of his faith who were Hutu, part of the majority group that was carrying out the genocide.

Seminega writes about this harrowing time in his book, No Greater Love: How My Family Survived The Genocide in Rwanda.

He and other survivors will share their stories tonight at the National Center For Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta.

The event is free and open to the public.