2018 Rainfall: Second Wettest Year On Record For Atlanta

Jan 2, 2019

UPDATED: Atlanta had a total of 70.03 inches of rainfall in 2018, securing its place as the second wettest year on record. The first place year for rainfall remains 71.45 inches in 1948.

ORIGINAL STORY: Expect mild temperatures and just a bit more rain by the time the peach drops in Atlanta this New Year's Eve.

We'll ring in the new year just under the record for most rainfall since 1948, when the Weather Bureau (now the National Weather Service) began keeping weather records for Atlanta on Oct. 1, 1878.

Atlanta saw nearly 70 inches of rain in 2018, making it the second-wettest year since record keeping began in 1878.
Credit National Weather Service

The record rainfall of more than 70 inches occurred in 1948. Depending on how much wet weather we see Monday night, Atlanta could hit 70 inches for 2018, which puts us just shy of the 1st place spot.

Thunderstorms and severe weather is a bigger concern in North Georgia, NWS reports.

The metro Atlanta area has seen more than 3 inches of rain since Thursday, when NWS issued a flash flood watch for most of the state.

Flooding continues to be a threat statewide, according to NWS, due to the already wet soils and high runoff from periods of rain.