150 Attend Information Session On Mining Near Okefenokee

Aug 14, 2019

Close to 150 people turned out Tuesday night for an information session on the proposed Twin Pines Minerals mine near the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.


The big question many people have about the proposed mine is what it would do to the water underground, and what effect that would have on the swamp.


Those concerns were clear at the meeting. People crowded around hydrogeologist Bob Holt, who is consulting for Twin Pines. 


"The thing that I'm committed to doing is to make sure that the model that I build is constructed thoughtfully, that good scientific practice is applied, and that it's not rushed to meet a deadline," he said.


Holt expects the detailed computer model will back up his preliminary finding that the new methods they use will have a minimal impact.


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But many were not convinced. Joanna Jacobs has roots in the area and traveled from Atlanta to Folkston for the meeting. She was concerned that the science on the project isn't ready yet.


"I'm not a fearmongerer,” Jacobs said. “I'm just highly concerned about an unproven method coming into a natural habitat that we can't put back."


Company head Steven Ingle said the finished data will be available before the public comment period ends Sept. 12.


Twin Pines will host another information session Wednesday night in St. George.