Tyler Morris

Audio Engineer

Tyler Morris is an audio engineer, producer and composer with an eclectic range of experience from more than a decade in the music industry, a fruitful segue into the world of audiobooks and, most recently, the world of public radio.

Tyler has extensive knowledge of digital and analog recording work environments and completed a 260-hour Advanced Certificate at Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio, and several focused courses from Berklee College of Music online. Tyler provides training, editing, direction and troubleshooting support for GPB’s “On Second Thought” and “Political Rewind.”

A Georgia native and registered 200-hour yoga teacher, Tyler enjoys Nicaraguan coffee, the scent of Vetiver, French New Wave cinema, the prose of Maggie Nelson and staring at the world through a rose-tinted kaleidoscope. Tyler celebrates the world of music and is always looking to hear something new, but avows Bowie is king.