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The 2016 Georgia legislative session is over. State House Speaker David Ralston (R- Blue Ridge) yelled out Sine Die! and pounded the gavel from his perch in the House chamber, officially ending the General Assembly session around 12:30 early Friday morning.

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Georgia's controversial religious liberty bill is now in the hands of Gov. Nathan Deal and he’s under enormous pressure from both sides of the hot-button issue.

A last ditch effort to draft new legislation and revise parts of House Bill 757 during the final hours of the session Thursday night failed.

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UPDATE: A short time ago, The House passed Rep. Scott Holcomb’s Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act. The chamber gutted a Senate bill, SB 304, and attached Holcomb’s measure to it. It passed on a unanimous vote. It now needs to go back to the Senate for approval.

“I am a rape survivor,” Lisa Anderson stated as she stood at a podium inside a crowded room at the Georgia Capitol.

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A scaled-back medical marijuana bill is stalled in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, but the sponsor vows to fight on.


 When you ask Laura Wells why she does it, why she seems to work tirelessly on behalf of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, and other family members who are raising young relatives, apart from the obvious answer, that it’s her job, there’s another reason. She’s passionate about helping children, especially those with special needs, and that means helping the people who care for them.

Dozens of bills in the Georgia State House and Senate made it over the Crossover Day hurdle, a hallmark of the annual General Assembly session, and a requirement for a piece of legislation to remain viable with a chance at becoming law.

A measure that would place restrictions on when and where fireworks can be set off in Georgia was one of them and is now heading to the Senate for review.

Rep. Paul Battles, (R-Cartersville), sponsored HB 727, which passed the House on a vote of 165 to 8.

The Georgia Spaceflight Act made it through Crossover Day and is now on a trajectory that could see it enacted into law, if it wins Senate approval, too.

The House passed HB 734 Monday by a wide margin of 164 to 8.

The legislation by Woodbine Republican Jason Spencer would begin laying the legal foundation for a space industry in Georgia and is ultimately part of Rep. Spencer’s, and other supporters’, effort s at building a spaceport in Camden County along the Georgia Coast.