Marylynn Ryan

Vice President of News

Marylynn Ryan was most recently the vice president and bureau chief of the Southeast region for CNN/U.S. Based in Atlanta, she served as bureau chief since 2004 and oversaw the network’s editorial direction of coverage for the Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and Dallas bureaus. 

In her 25 years at CNN, Marylynn served in New York as executive producer of CNN’s Street Sweep, a business news show live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Later, she returned to Atlanta to take the helm of a new show as executive producer of CNN’s News Site with Joie Chen. She helped relaunch the CNN network Headline News in 2001, where she was instrumental in working with executive producers and show teams to successfully deliver younger audiences. 

From there, Marylynn served as managing editor of the CNN Domestic Newsroom, helping run editorial on a daily basis, working with all the executive producers and show producers with content and breaking news. In this capacity, she handled news events with her team that included the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy, the war in Iraq and the embedding of CNN reporting teams on the front lines.

Most recently, she shepherded coverage of some of the nations' most devastating events, including the Parkland, Fla. mass shooting and hurricanes Harvey and Irma and worked with her Southeast reporting teams on the border crisis and immigration stories as well as the numerous police shootings and subsequent trials in her region. 

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