Caitlyn Paxson

Maia Tamarin is the best tailor along the Great Spice Road. The problem is that girls aren't allowed to be tailors, so she has to hide her work behind the facade of her father's shop. And with her family torn apart by war and her father's illness, she's beginning to wonder if maybe it's time to give up on her talent and marry to save her family and secure her future.

Rory Power's debut novel Wilder Girls combines grotesque physical metamorphosis with the intense bonds of love between teenage girls to create a unique variety of feelings-heightened body horror. If you took the creeping biological corruption that one expects from Jeff VanderMeer and the angry, intense teen girl relationships centered by Nova Ren Suma and mashed them together, they would mutate into this — something fresh and horrible and beautiful.

In this tale of a family with dark secrets and divinatory gifts, Lambda Literary Award winner Rebecca Podos ponders the inevitable question: If you can read the future that lies ahead, do you also have the power to change it?

When Ruby Chernyavsky hit her teen years, she had a premonition — a vision of the moments leading up to her death. Knowing her "Time" was something she always expected, since all of the women in her family forsee their own, but what none of them know is that Ruby's days are numbered. Her Time is her 18th birthday, so in a little over a year, she'll be dead.

A fantastical silk road city comes to life in Nafiza Azad's richly detailed debut novel, The Candle and the Flame.

In With the Fire on High, Elizabeth Acevedo's follow-up to her National Book Award winning debut, The Poet X, she explores a different kind of creative talent through the story of a teenage girl, Emoni Santiago, who many would foolishly dismiss as a classic cautionary tale.

America's most macabre poet is tormented by his muse — literally — in this young adult imagining of Edgar Allan Poe's teenage years.

Emerge from winter hibernation and get your blood moving with three young adult novels featuring girls who realize they must take a stand against unjust establishments, regardless of the personal cost.

In 1943, a German university student named Sophie Scholl was executed for distributing pamphlets that criticized the Nazi regime. White Rose, named for the resistance group that Sophie belonged to, tells the story of how Sophie went from being a carefree member of the League of German Girls to a brave rebel who was willing to give up her life to undermine the Nazis.

At the high school theater auditions of my youth, 29 out of 30 girls were guaranteed to stand up on the stage and warble "On my owwwwwwn, pretending he's beside me." What teenage girl doesn't identify with Éponine, the girl who does all the work and has all the brains but is overlooked by her crush because he only has eyes for the gorgeous bimbo who can sing the high notes? I'm not sure if today's teenagers are inclined to obsess over Les Mis the musical the way that my generation did, but I do know that bittersweet love triangles are timeless.