peanut oil

A tiny pink peanut is not a white rhinoceros. Nor is it a green turtle or a Bengal tiger. But until a few years ago the Carolina African runner peanut — at one time, the South's most praised peanut, packed with flavor and rich with oil — was much like the rhinoceros and turtle and tiger. That is, it was nearly extinct.

In Georgia Green Peanut Oil, A Culinary Star Is Discovered

Nov 23, 2016
Sean Powers / On Second Thought

The New York Times recently profiled a locally-grown Georgia gem: cold-pressed green peanut oil.  Professional chefs are crazy for it, but it’s just now making waves in the culinary world. We put Celeste Headlee in the kitchen with Steven Satterfield, co-owner and executive chef of Miller Union, and peanut farmer Clay Oliver of Oliver Farm for a taste test.