Georgia Bulldogs

The Alabama Crimson Tide rallied from a 13 point deficit to come back and defeat the UGA Bulldogs 26-23 in overtime, earning coach Nick Saban his sixth national championship

Georgia led Alabama 13-0 entering the second half when Saban replaced starting quarterback Jalen Hurt with freshman passer Tua Tagovailoa.


Tagovailoa turned the game around for the Crimson Tide, throwing for three touchdowns, including the game winning pass in overtime.


Stephen Fowler, GPB News

Former University of Georgia football coach Vince Dooley has been an important part of the school’s history and legacy for more than 50 years.

He coached the Bulldogs to their last national championship in 1980, defeating Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl.

We visited Dooley at his Athens home to see some of his favorite memorabilia from that season.

How Sports Fandom Molds Your Identity

Oct 17, 2017
David Goldman / AP Photo

In Georgia, sports are a way of life. The fandom surrounding sports often influences the psyche of both the individual and the groups obsessing over teams. Erin Tarver explores how sports can influence our values in her new book, “The ‘I’ in Team: Sports Fandom and the Reproduction of Identity.” She talks to us, along with Vicki Michaelis, Professor of Sports Journalism at the University of Georgia.