Behind many great recipes, you’ll find stories of immigration. That’s certainly the case in the kitchen of Pati Jinich. Her grandparents immigrated from Poland to Mexico. Now, Pati is a chef and cookbook author, renowned for her Jewish-Mexican fare. GPB’s Emily Cureton caught up with her last week while she was cooking at the General Muir restaurant in Atlanta.


It's time for our annual “Two Way Street” Thanksgiving cooking show. We’ll hear from four of Georgia’s most accomplished chefs, with their favorite Thanksgiving recipes and best holiday memories.

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Friendships have ended, feelings have been hurt and a cultural war has been declared over the latest national debate to rage on social media: How do you like your grits? Sweet, salty, buttery or cheesy... how you flavor this dish calls into question taste and Southern identity.

We speak about this cultural divide and learn about the history of grits from chef and cookbook author Virginia Willis.

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Chef Hugh Acheson is a mainstay in the culinary world. Acheson also hopes to change the way that kids interact with food in the classroom by bringing the traditional home economics program back into schools.

Host Celeste Headlee sits down with Acheson to talk about the home-ec curriculum he’s developed and the skills he wants to teach to young students who participate in the course

VIDEO: A Southern Lunch With Dora Charles

May 17, 2016
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There are some things you simply don’t say no to. Free ice cream, for instance. Affection from a baby animal. Cold sweet tea on a summer day.


Also near the top of that list? A crash course in Southern cooking from one of the true masters of the art.