Sunshine And Strangeness Define Lauren Groff's 'Florida'

Jun 7, 2018

Lauren Groff never thought she would become a Floridian, but then again she also never anticipated that her novel "Fates and Furies" would become President Obama's favorite book of the year in 2015. The bestselling author moved to Gainesville in 2006 for her husband's business. Twelve years later, she's written a collection of short stories set in the state where she says she now realizes she belongs. It's called "Florida." 

In "Florida," the state isn't a punchline, and it isn't filled with trailer parks and retirees. Snakes do seem to lurk everywhere, though.

On Second Thought host Virginia Prescott spoke with Groff about the problem with princesses, why women are angry and the sense of dread and wonder that the Sunshine State — which is not always so sunny in her stories — inspires. 

Groff's book tour for "Florida" stops by SCADshow in Atlanta Friday, June 8 at 7 p.m.