Special Edition Of Political Rewind: Sine Die At The State Capitol

Mar 29, 2018

On this Special Edition of Political Rewind, we are live at the State Capitol as legislators work furiously to finish their business before the 2018 session comes to an end.  We look at the fate of key legislation: what’s happening with bills on distracted riving, protecting religious groups that don’t want to adopt children to gays and lesbians, giving additional help to victims of childhood sexual abuse and cracking down on undocumented immigrants?  Plus, we’ll explain the sneaky tactics that come into play on this last day as legislators try to work their will on measures they want to pass or kill.


AJC Political Writer Greg Bluestein

AJC Lead Political Writer Jim Galloway

Senator Fran Millar, Chairman of Higher Education (R)

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D) 

Rep. Teri Anulewicz (D)

Republican Strategist Todd Rehm 

Rep. Jason Spencer (R)