On Second Thought For Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018

A new series on Discovery showcases competition, history, skill and  a cultural fascination with weaponry. Blacksmiths and gunsmiths from all over are assigned to build traditional weapons, including battle axes and swords. The winner walks away with $10,000 and the title, "Master of Arms."

The weapons are field-tested by a former special forces soldier and judged by a panel that includes Georgia native Trenton Tye. Tye is a blacksmith who runs a professional blacksmith shop in southwest Georgia. 


Julia Bainbridge's podcast, "The Lonely Hour," aims to normalize loneliness as a part of everyday life. Her podcast tells the stories of people all over the country, including Bainbridge herself, who grapple with loneliness and isolation. People discuss loneliness in the context of motherhood, traveling alone, being the only person of color in an office and living as a hermit.

Bainbridge spoke with "On Second Thought" about her inspiration for the podcast and the lessons she's learned from carving out a space for connection in an increasingly busy world.

Georgia's population grew by nearly 116,000 people in 2017. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, that was the sixth biggest jump among all U.S. states. Many of those people moved to Georgia from out of state, but some additions to Georgia's 10 million total residents were born here, left and later returned.

Some even returned to their hometowns. Take Tedo Stone. He was born and raised in Covington, moved to Mississippi for college and then moved back to Georgia. But instead of going straight back to Covington, he spent some time making music in Atlanta and Athens. Now, the indie rocker-turned-restaurateur is coming up on the first year anniversary of City Pharmacy, the restaurant he and his wife opened up in Covington's old downtown pharmacy building.