On Second Thought for Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mar 15, 2018


Last week, Gov. Nathan Deal announced his pick for Deputy Commissioner for Rural Georgia. In January, GPB Special Correspondent Celeste Headlee looked at legislative efforts to improve services like health care and internet access in rural parts of the state. She spoke with Mark Niesse, a reporter with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Sharon Wright Austin, Political Science Professor at the University of Florida.


Earlier this year, Georgia became one of five states that are testing grounds for Google’s latest innovation --- a fleet of self-driving taxis that will eventually function a lot like Uber or Lyft. It’s called Waymo, and there are plans to open it up to consumers later this year. State legislators are considering plans to build a $2 billion truck-only highway, which they hope eventually attracts self-driving semis. Is this science fiction come to life?

We speak with Faye DiMassimo, General Manager for the Renew Atlanta Bond, and Michael Hunter, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech.


When you talk about self-driving cars, pedestrian safety usually comes up. Machines may not always gauge risk correctly, potentially at the cost of human life. However, being a pedestrian can be very dangerous, especially in Macon-Bibb county. That area has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in Georgia. We talk about why this is with Chris Tsavatewa, Chair of the Health Services Administration at Middle Georgia State University. We also hear from Angie Schmitt, Editor of Streetsblog USA.


Last week, a water main break in DeKalb County flooded a huge swath of the county. It flooded parts of I-285, and the resulting water outage shut down everything from restaurants to schools and hospitals for a few days. Until this past weekend, most DeKalb dwellers were under a precautionary boil water advisory. A recent study by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows Georgia leads most states in drinking water violations, most of them in rural areas. What does it actually mean to be under a boil water advisory? We hear from Erik Olson, Director of the Health Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council.


On Friday, we’ll talk with the president of Atlanta United FC. In honor of its second season, we take a trip back in time to before the soccer team even had a name. In 2015, Special Correspondent Celeste Headlee spoke with James Bradley, president of Terminus Legion, about how the then-new team would be named.