New Chatham County Police Chief Sworn In

Dec 4, 2017

Chatham County's new police chief took his oath of office Monday. Chief Jeffrey Hadley will oversee a major change in policing the Savannah area.

Hadley will lead the county police department as it separates from the City of Savannah. After years of disputes over funding and jurisdictions, local leaders voted earlier this year to end the merged police force.

Still, Hadley said he expects to work closely with Savannah Chief Jack Lumpkin.

"I have no doubt that we can't sit down like two human beings that are responsible for police services and come up with a way to give the service not only to the residents of the city but unincorporated Chatham County," Hadley said. "I have every bit of confidence we're going to have a good partner with Chief Lumpkin and the City of Savannah."

Lumpkin agreed.

"He's going to do well, and we'll be partners," Lumpkin said. "We have to work together. We have to work for the community and the citizens."

The joint police force will separate February 1.