Jack Barskey Unveils His Undercover Life As A Russian KGB Spy

Jul 9, 2018

With the upcoming Trump-Putin summit this month, many are interested to see what serious issues will be discussed. But before he was president, Vladimir  Putin was recruited into the KGB operative.

Jack Barsky is also a former Russian KGB spy who recently moved to Covington, Georgia.



Recruited in 1969, during the Cold War, he left his life in East Germany to become a high-tech spy. He was trained in Russia to learn Morse code, cryptography, surveillance, and language (where he learned English). After spying in the United States for 10 years, marrying an immigrant woman, and having a daughter, he was signaled by the KGB that his cover had been compromised. Instead of following the emergency protocol, he decided it was his time to get out of the undercover life.

In 2017, He released his book “Deep Undercover: My Secret Life and Tangled Allegiances as a KGB Spy in America.”

We spoke to him about his life in espionage and living a double-life.