How Should Atlanta Deal With Traffic And Confederate Monuments?

Nov 20, 2017

We start with a conversation about transportation. Last week, local mayors and city leaders met to discuss transit and the I-285 expansion. Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul was at that meeting and tells us what he heard. 

Next, GPB's Stephen Fowler joins us to talk about what he's learned about Atlantans' attitudes towards a particular ode to the Confederacy: Confederate Avenue. 

Then, Roy Moore's wife has another message to the media and mainstream Republicans: her husband is here to stay. And if he wins, Johnny Isakson will play a role in how Moore is received when he gets to Capitol Hill. 

Credit Atlanta Falcons

Plus, the partisan fight over the GOP tax bill heats up as it moves forward in both chambers. Now the White House says it's willing to remove a provision that both sides saw as a hindrance to final passage. 

The state of Georgia sunk more than $200 million in public money into building the Georgia Dome less than 30 years ago. This morning, it was gone in a matter of seconds. We'll look at the Dome's history. 


AJC Political Reporter Jim Galloway

State Senate Minority Leader (D) Sen. Steve Henson

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul

Republican Strategist Juliane Thompson