How The Reverse Of White Flight Is Affecting Mortgage Rates In Atlanta

Jul 10, 2018

“The City Too Busy To Hate” wasn’t always the case for Atlanta. After the Civil Rights Act of 1964, many white residents resented that African-Americans were allowed to integrate and they flocked to the suburbs. They withdrew from public places like pools, parks, and even buses. The beginning of “white flight” had cast a shadow on Atlanta.

Now, in the last decade the “white flight” mentality has completely shifted.




Even though Atlanta is the 2nd largest majority black city in the nation, the growth proportion of whites has been growing exponentially.

Due to the growing city, many young adults are finding it difficult to move into the city limits due to the increase of rent.

We spoke with two experts about the projection of these trends in the housing market of Atlanta. Jarod Apperson is an economist who will be teaching econometrics at Spelman College in the fall. We were also joined by Kimery Rosenfeld, an Atlanta real-estate agent.