How To Get From Macon To Washington D.C. In Three Hours

Aug 22, 2017

Three hours. 

That's about how long it takes to get from Macon's airport to Union Station in Washington, D.C. 

How? Contour Airlines is the latest air carrier to take a shot at using Macon's status as a recipient of Federal Essential Air Service subsidies as a cornerstone of their business plan. That program is under considerable threat by the Trump administration, but Contour's application was processed just before the election last November. It amounts to $4.7 million dollars in subsidies. 

Earlier carriers had flights to Atlanta or Orlando, but neither of those routes were especially popular. Since Robins Air Force Base is only a few miles away from the Middle Georgia Regional Airport, Contour's plan is to offer quick, relatively inexpensive trips to the nation's capital. 

So how does it work? Listen and find out.