How The Community of Gee's Bend Influenced The Famous Michelle Obama Portrait

Jul 18, 2018

Amy Sherald, the artist who painted the lovely portrait of Michelle Obama, was influenced by Piet Mondrian's geometric paintings and the quilts stiched by the Gee's Bend ladies. The ladies are from a tiny peninsula in Wilcox County, Alabama. The generations of women descend from slaves and live mostly in isolation. From discarded clothes like worn jeans and corduroy pants, they create vibrant geometric shapes stitched into quilts.  

On Second thought's Virginia Prescott will be speaking with Lousiana Bendolph, a visual artist and quilt maker, at the Atlanta History Center tonight. She is among the younger generation of quiltmakers who was featured in the national exhibit: The Architecture of the Quilt. The event will begin at 7:30pm, doors open at 7:00pm.