Georgia Looks To Alabama For 2018 Lessons

Dec 15, 2017

On this edition of Political Rewind: Georgia political leaders are examining the results of the Alabama senate race to determine whether there are lessons for how to run in 2018 races here. Our panel will look at what Alabama may teach us about elections next year.

The Kennesaw state cheerleader protests lead to the ouster of Sam Olens as president of KSU. How did it all happen. What does Olens' resignation mean for the future of the university, and for the future of the man who was once one of the most promising rising stars in Georgia politics? Find out on this episode of "Political Rewind."

Plus: Georgia senate Democrats introduce a bill they say will provide all Georgian equal access to the internet in the aftermath of the FCC decision to end net neutrality.

And we’ll update you on President Trump’s latest remarks about the Mueller Russia investigation and his continuing criticisms of the FBI


Jim Galloway, AJC Political Writer

Teresa Tomlinson, Mayor of Columbus, Georgia

Heath Garrett, Republican strategist

Michael Owens, Cobb County Democratic Party Chairman