George H.W. Bush Biographer Jon Meacham! Parts 1,2,3

Jan 16, 2016

I was really happy when we booked Jon Meacham for this week’s Two Way Street. His new biography of George H.W. Bush “Destiny and Power; the American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush” gives the most insightful view ever of a man who many Americans don’t think much about. Bush was at one point in his run for the presidency tagged as a wimp, and he never quite got out from under that disparaging label. He was often described as aloof, unfeeling and out of touch with regular Americans. But as Meacham discovered over the years that he talked with the former president for this biography, and as he learned in listening to the voluminous audio diary that President Bush maintained, he was in fact a deeply feeling man. Meacham shares stories from the Bush diary, some of them very personal, during our conversation. And he essentially asks that we rethink the commonly held belief that the Bush presidency was a failure even though he didn’t win a second term in office. I spent a lot of time as a political journalist covering Bush 41, and I share Meacham’s assessment that Mr. Bush is a man of decency, integrity and personal grace. Perhaps after you’ve heard today’s show, you’ll share that view. You can go to the Two Way Street Facebook page and leave your thoughts about George H.W. Bush after you’ve heard his story.