Episode 852: Two Summer Indicators

Jul 6, 2018

Today we bring you two summertime stories from Planet Money's daily podcast, The Indicator. (Subscribe here.)

Many of the world's flags come from one province in China called Zhejiang. We talk to the owner of a factory there that makes all kinds of flags for all kinds of people: Those little flags people wave at parades on the 4th of July, giant ones that hang off buildings, even campaign flags for American politicians.

People in Zhejiang say they were the first in the world to know President Trump would win the 2016 election because they got more orders for Trump flags than Clinton flags. Flags can tell you a lot about politics, global trade, and economics. So, we see what global trade looks like through the eyes of a flag maker in Zhejiang, China.

Next, we try to find summer jobs. Our reporter calls up the restaurant where she worked in high school, only to find out there aren't any teenagers employed there anymore. All across the country, the number of teenagers who go out and get summer jobs has plummeted. This is part of a slow-moving, but massive, shift in the way Americans work.

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