Atlanta Pride Parade Attracts Mayoral And Gubernatorial Candidates

Oct 16, 2017

On today's "Political Rewind," we take a closer look at just what President Trump’s executive orders on health care really mean for assuring quality insurance coverage. Who are the winners and losers in the deal? How will it affect Georgians? Andy Miller of "Georgia Health News" helps illuminate the issues.

Then, there was a time when Atlanta’s Pride Parade was off limits for elected officials and candidates for office. But no longer. The turnout for this year’s parade makes it clear politicians are no longer nervous about associating with the gay community. Candidates for mayor and Democratic candidates for governor all marched this year. The panel looks at the political power of the gay community.

Plus, early voting starts today in the Atlanta mayor’s race. We’ll take a snapshot of the race as it stands right now.


Jim Galloway - AJC political writer

Andy Miller - Georgia Health News

Beth Schapiro - Retired pollster and political consultant