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Teachers, State Employees See Raises In Kemp’s Proposed Budget

Gov. Brian Kemp’s proposed budget for 2020 includes a $3,000 raise for certified Georgia teachers and a 2 percent merit raise for state employees. He made the announcement during his State of the State speech to legislators Thursday.

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Microsoft is investing $500 million to help develop affordable housing and address homelessness in the Seattle area as the growth of tech companies in the region continues to flood the real estate market with high-salaried workers, leaving many other people behind.

The Trump administration is appealing a federal judge's ruling that blocks plans to add a controversial citizenship question to the 2020 census.

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GPB Evening Headlines for Jan. 17, 2019

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  • Teachers, State Employees See Raises In Kemp's Proposed Budget
  • FBI: Georgia Man Arrested In Plot To Attack White House
  • Government Shutdown Impacts Women's Health Services
  • Gladys Knight To Sign National Anthem At Super Bowl 53

Cobb County Government

It just keeps happening. Oversize vehicles continue to crash into the 7-foot warning beam installed to protect the Concord Covered Bridge in Cobb County.

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As the government shutdown stretches on, it may begin to affect how communities are able to help victims of sexual assault.

The $3.2 billion the Department of Justice sets aside via its Office of Victim Advocacy includes the largest single source of money for supporting women who have been victims of sexual assault. However, when the last of the money funding federal government programs gets spent this week, managers of Office of Victim Advocacy funds will be idled.

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia is asking a federal appeals court to force the Georgia Department of Corrections to provide medical care for a mentally disabled prisoner.

Jeffery Geter has been an inmate at Baldwin State Prison since 1998. He is now suffering with Parkinson's disease, a brain tumor, epilepsy and, possibly, Alzheimer's disease, Young said.

  • Kemp Delivers State Of The State Address
  • Government Shutdown Impacts Women's Health Services
  • Gladys Knight To Sing National Anthem At Super Bowl

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